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Using revolutionary new technology, it is now possible for you to get a real tan online. CyberTan's patent pending tanning system delivers safe levels of ultraviolet light through your computer's monitor.

How does it work?

Well, without getting too technical... your computer's monitor uses ultraviolet electron transmissions using straight-line non-polarized quantum particle extrapolations to make a visible pattern on the phosphors of your screen. We use your browser window and specialized patent-pending java code to impart a polarized tracking spin to the electrons impacting the phosphors of your screen. The charge-spin particles interact with gravitic chromatons, vectorizing and polarizing the electron packets, which give off a low-radiation photon stream in the UV band... and that gives you a real suntan, right from the net!

It typically takes about five 10-minute CyberTan sessions to get the best results. 

So, now with CyberTan, you no longer have to have that sickly, pasty, fish-belly white face anymore. Now, you too can look like you just came from a week at the beach, without ever leaving the comfort of your computer. Yes, you can! It's FAST, EASY and SAFE!*

*CyberTan is currently undergoing required FDA approval trials. Although we are currently beginning the fourth round of testing, we are confident that we will be approved in the very near future. We maintain that the three test mice were blind before the test.

Impress friends and co-workers with your new CyberTan!

And of course, CyberTan is completely FREE!

That's right! FREE!!! Click on the Sun to begin.

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Click the sun icon to begin your CyberTan Session.

[caution: if you have epilepsy please don't use Cybertan]


1. Maximize your browser.

2. Turn up your monitor's brightness to Maximum.

3. Come back often!

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